Transparent Supply Chain: All our raw materials are of natural origin.
We only accept new raw materials if:
1) Provides the maximum colorfastness.
2) It is economically viable from the industrial point of view.
3) We can ensure that it meets all the environmental and social justice criteria.

We make it easy: If something is simple, is good. We try to simplify and group processes, optimize workflows, reduce manufacturing time and use existing machinery. The whole process is done with the maximum simplicity:

010Attitudes are transformative:

-Evolve & improve: continuous research, testing, developing…
-Responsibility & Fulfillment: humanization and transparency.
-Cooperation for common objectives.

-Contribute to a sustainable and just society of well-being.
-Take care of life, and welcome humanity in all its diversity.
-To contribute to the accelerated transition to sustainable lifestyles.

-Developing technology at the forefront of international research.
-Finding the best raw materials that comply the international quality norms and cradle to cradle principles.
-To reach viable models of production and consumption.
-Working only with suppliers and customers with the adequate degree of compromise with sustainability.

We offer the best dyeing experience.