Our naturals can be used in a wide variety of textiles… fabrics, garment, thread, denim, baby clothes… and also for printing (rotative or serigraphy) or to print labels for garment, over textile and over leather.


Our Natural Dye Process is also reliable on leather:
Naturally dyed leather is a naked leather, which means it is minimally processed & finished.
Natural dyeing of leather can be done industrially with our Natural Dyeing Process©. Because of the absence of chemical processing, it also has a greater value.


Our natural dyes can be used also to dye wood:
Our natural dyes are eco friendly, made of natural ingredients, like chalk, clay, natural earth, mineral and vegetable dyes. Our line of natural dyes for wood contains no chemicals or harsh volatile organic compounds. Because our dyes are natural, there is no need to worry about the health hazards that are often associated with standard paints. Perfectly safe paints for indoor use and outdoor, washable, resistant to humidity and insects. Available in a huge array of colors, these natural dyes are produced using green processes and environmentally friendly ingredients.